Wow, so it's been quite a while since I posted anything hasn't it? My creating and interest in TS2 really waxes and wanes these days, and once I've finished creating items, I don't always feel like taking previews and posting straight away. That's certainly been the case with the last large set I've completed, but whilst I've been working on setting up the neighbourhood to properly show it off (it's a neighbourhood deco set), I realised that I've got quite a few defaults I could share.

Some of these are items I created ages ago, shoved in testing and never got round to sharing. Others are things I've wanted for ages, but only felt like making recently.

Remember, with all the DEFAULTS posted here you can have only ONE default for each object in your game at any one time. Please remove any other defaults you may have for these objects before adding mine to your game. If you don't these won't show correctly.

Road Defaults.

First of all, is my neighbourhood road defaults. For the temperate terrain only, since that's the only one I use for neighbourhoods at the moment. If I do start to use other terrains, I might make new defaults for those ones. The textures are originally from Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper and much manipulated by me. I decided to get rid of the grass verges Maxis roads have, since where I'm from, verges are only really found in residential areas, and not commercial and since I wanted to use this for my towns as well, it made sense to me to get rid of the verge and have the pavement go right up to the road.

Since replacement roads only show in the neighbourhood view, I've also included a road overlay object with recolours for the lot view. This was cloned from Curiousb's edit of Ja's road overlay. It is found in decorative > Misc and you will need to use "move_objects on" to place.

I do use a lighting mod, but have not noticed any differences in lot lighting vs hood lighting when using, but if you use a different lighting mod, or even none at all, you might see some.


Frogwares for the original textures.
Curiousb and Ja for the road overlay I cloned to make mine.

Download here.

Fake roads.

Next, I have a little something I made recently to compliment my road defaults when decorating the neighbourhood: fake roads as neighbourhood deco. These fake roads can be placed on top of or adjacent to the real roads in the neighbourhood to visually extend the road network beyond what the game and SC4 can create. Useful for if you are using other neighbourhood deco to create areas of the neighbourhood beyond the usable space.


With fake road pieces:

These do have quite a few limitations:

They are DECORATIONS only.

No neighbourhood cars will travel on them.
You cannot place lots adjacent to them.
They will appear to float when viewed from a lot. This is because the roads in the neighbourhood view actually float above the terrain, and so these need to as well so they can be placed on top of, or along side the real roads.

Found under landmarks.


Frogwares for the original textures.
Criquette for the idea and item I cloned to make them.

Download here.

Community phonebox as hitching post.

It has taken me years to decide what to do with the community phonebox. I've been using a phonebox cover from Parsimmonius and hiding it inside, but I was never happy with that, especially when the witches would swoop in after I installed AL. Well, no more.

The mesh for the phone has been replaced with a horsehead hitching post created by heavily modifying a mesh from the TS3 Pets expansion. I used Veranka's textures from the original item because I hate colouring in the greyscale images you can extract from TS3, and this was easier. It therefore comes in three colours.

It also has a new LOD model for the neighbourhood view too but it is not possible to properly texture the LOD model, or to have it show up the recolours. Since the recolours are all pretty similar, I don't see this as a problem anyway.

A couple of things to be aware of:

I haven't changed the text list, so this will still say it is the SCTC Universal Public Phone. I did this for ease of finding out just what the strange horse's head thing is if you don't play for ages and forget you have historical defaults in.

You will need to click on the ring in the horse's mouth to have a sim use the hitching post.
You will need to click on the ring in the horse's mouth to recolour.
You will need to click as near to the ring as you can to move it with "move_objects on" turned on.
The animation for using this is unchanged so it may look a bit odd in use. I'd love to be able to change the animation to the "call over" animation, but that is way, way, way beyond my capabilities as a content creator.


EA for the original mesh I cut down.
Veranka for the coloured textures.

Download here.

Default money.

Ok, so this is a new default and I've not done extensive testing. It seems to work in my game, but as a disclaimer I have all EPS and all SPs apart from Ikea installed. I've tried to pick all of the instances where the money texture is used and order them by EP, but I may very well have missed some, or made a mistake. It's been so long since I was really into simming, that I've forgotten what item came with what EP. Keep that in mind.

This should replace the plastic looking simolean texture with an 1850s five pound note. I've also re textured the tip jar, and the interior of the antique till (cash register) so the new texture shows there too, as well as the first simolean award from OFB.

Download here.

Default newspaper.

Another very new default, and again I've not done too much testing, but since it's only a texture replacement, I can't see there being any issues with it. Although not the most accurate, the paper does now look more like a Victorian newspaper than the Maxis original. It also doesn't go quite a yucky when it's old. It's more aged than I would ideally like, but it was a toss up between making it look like real aged newspaper and being able to see that it easily when playing.

Download here.

Default Barber Chair.

This was something which I had hoped I could make as a standalone object, but alas, custom salon chairs have major issues, and so this has ended up as a default replacement for the Ug No More Makeover Station. This has been in testing for ages, and it seems to be working fine, so I might as well release it.

The original mesh was extracted from Bioshock Infinite and then messed about with pretty substantially to fit a sim and their animations. There might still be some clipping, especially when used by a sim wearing a large dress, but I've done my best to minimise it.


Irrational Games for the original mesh and textures.

Download here.

Default shopping basket.

And another very new default, but something I've wanted for some time. I've been using Hat's default retexture of the shopping basket since she released it, but the mesh still irritated me; mainly because of the egg box, but the other items also looked far too modern for my liking, even with an awesome new texture. This replaces the default mesh with one that is made up of items I do actually use in game, either as part of my food default set, or as general decorations for my grocers, pantries and kitchens. The basket is now one of Cassandre's meshes, and is filled with carrots, onions, cheese and a cabbage also by Cassandre, the two Maxis packages re textured to match my food defaults, and potatoes by 4EFS.



Download here.

Default Myne Door dorm door and privacy sign.

This is another item I had hoped to make as a standalone item, but due to limitations with the game, I've made it into a default. This replaces the Maxis Myne Door dorm door, with a door based on the Maxis Oaktowne Simple door. it is also slaved to that door so any recolours you have for that will automatically be available for this one too.

I've also made a default for the privacy sign, since the bright red no entry sign looked out of place in my neighbourhood. It's now a rather discrete slate with the words "Please knock" written in either English or Simlish in chalk which hangs from a hook on the door. Much better in my opinion.

Download with English Privacy Sign.
Download with Simlish Privacy Sign.

Default LOD model for PrevenTek Tri LuminLight streetlight

This is something done as an annoyance fix. I love the streetlight and use it a lot, but the Maxis LOD model is awful. I've replaced that with the same model the lot item uses. Yes it is higher-poly than what it is replacing, but it makes my neighbourhood look so much better in my opinion.



Download here.

Neighbourhood deco version of PrevenTek Tri LuminLight streetlight.

Aaaand to go along with the above, I've made a neighbourhood deco version of the streetlight, because sometimes I just wanted to place streetlights where I didn't have lots. You can see more of these in the fake roads preview above.  This does look slightly different to the normal object when viewed from a lot, but it's not something which really bothers me, so I think it's ok.



Download here.

And that's everything at the moment.  I do have more things ready to share: a couple of improvements to objects I've already shared and the massive neighbourhood train deco set I've been working on for well over a year now.  (You can see a sneak preview of a few of the items in that set in the fake roads preview above).  I'm not sure when they'll be up, because I have to take previews etc, and I'm so out of practise with that, it's not funny.  Seriously, it took me ages to take these previews and they're not even that good.


From: (Anonymous)

Thank you

Hi I'm LilSister. I wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I love and appreciate the the things you make that make our games so awesome. I play a modern game but my gameplay style allows me to incorporate many of your wonderful creations like your food defaults into my game. I am so excited to see the dorm door defaulted. It is going into my game immediately.
nathanialroyale: (Hope)

From: [personal profile] nathanialroyale

Oh that market basket! Its gorgeous and perfect, and its going into my medieval hood right away!

From: (Anonymous)

There are some wonderful things here; I especially love the road default and will be swapping out my current CuriousB one for this one (nice to have more options). Thank you!

- PenelopeT :)

From: [identity profile]

I can't thank you enough for the community phones! They have been driving me crazy for years and I was never able to find any solution that would get rid of them in neighbourhood view. The streetlights and dorm doors will see a lot of use in my historical hood.

I love your legacy by the way. I keep returning and re-reading it like a favourite book. :)
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From: [personal profile] sevenskellington

Haven't been on Dreamwidth in ages, but had to log in to say YOU'RE AMAZING! Thank you. :D
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From: [personal profile] elawann


I love all of these and they're being used in my Victorian hood - and most of them also fit nicely in my 1920's one. There's something I have to ask, on the previews of the community phone you have a couple of objects I'd love to have - the bicycle and the horse drinking 'thingie' (sorry, my English is failing me)... Any clues about where I can get these? I did do a bit of search, but with no luck so far.

Thanks and I hope you have more in store for this year!