A week or so ago, I started simming again (my gaming interests seem to go in circles, so I'll have a few weeks away from the sims, before coming back for a few weeks, and then going again), but I wanted to take a break from the corset and chemises, so I started building again.  Which led to me creating some dress forms to replace some old ones from Vitasims which I'm planning on getting rid of.  These are made from a couple of dress forms from Bioshock Infinite which I deleted the dresses off of, with an edited version of Chirko's bustle mesh on top.

There are two styles with 7 recolours of each.  You can recolour it simply by pasting on any dress texture you have onto the finish group, but there is something important to remember.  Because of how the original Bioshock Infinite dress forms were meshed, there is not a complete torso underneath the dress.  For style 2, the green ball gown shows you about the limit of the alpha you can use for the neck, back and sleeves.  Dress form 1, you can probably edit off more of the neck and upper chest than in the last blue dress shows, but not much.  I know this limits them a bit, but I can't really do anything about it.

I think that's everything apart from to direct your attention to the credits, because this was mainly me mashing together meshes and textures made by other people.

Download here.

Irrational Games.
Cee (Regacylady).
Haphazard Helena.