As modelled by the lovely Ada, here is my second contribution to the V&G community project: chemises and drawers for your little girls.  Of course, because child meshes are actually unisex, you could also use this same mesh to make long shirts and drawers for your boys.

It is a mash up of Kalynn's simple shift and Gelydh's bloomer drawers, with textures by AlmightyHat and some other textures pinched and adapted from Heget.  The cuff at the bottom of the drawers is alpha-editable and I've made ten different versions for you, each one with a different colour ribbon from either Curiousb's or Aelia's palettes.  I've kept them fairly plain, because I want them to suit as many sims as possible, but I think this mesh would look lovely with some more fancy and lacy patterns on the chemise.

The mesh has a fat morph and all the recolours have been compressorized. 

The repositoried files are slaved to the adult recolours, and so you will need to download them from here so that they show up properly.  You can't have both the repositoried and normal versions of these in your game at the same time, because otherwise they will conflict.  I think that's all I have to say. 

Download here.

Download repositoried files here.



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You're welcome, and I agree, I think they are. I'm really hoping that people get a lot of use out of these.
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Be right back, so happy I'm dying.
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Aww, don't die yet! I have moar things incoming, including the boys' undies once I've made some recolours and done all the other things that need to be done before uploading. And then I want to make a teen conversion of this mesh for young teenagers, and a chemise with boobs for older teenagers, and combination meshes, and yes! Lots more ideas for undies. :D

But I am very glad that you like them. :D