Ok, so I know that a cobbler repairs shoes, and that most of this set is more appropriate for a shoe seller and not even a shoemaker, but sometimes I like to pretend to be witty with my titles (see my zombie default being called Tea-Virus.  That still makes me chuckle), sometimes I like to use a quote which sounds almost profound (see Unassuming Grace), and this time I just felt like being almost witty whilst yelling a mild profanity.  So there. 

Anyway, this, rather large set, came about because when I started building Simford about 18 months ago, I decided that if I was going to rebuild my neighbourhood and add a new shopping subhood, then I was going to do as properly as I could, no half measures or using cc which didn't really fit my aesthetic.  And it was that last part I'd stumbled over when building a lot of the shops in Simdon and Simmouth.  I have cc others have made for both a millinery set, and shoes, but not a lot, and the meshes were old, not quite up to my standards or didn't look like they fitted my world.  It was this which drove me to make Milliner's Dream using hats I have my sims wear, and so when it came to building a shoemakers/shoe shop, I decided to do exactly the same.  I've ripped shoes and boots off of meshes I either use, or plan on using the shoes from to make new meshes, or which look like they fit the Victorian era.  I've given them insides which are mapped differently to the outsides to give them proper linings and made them all deco.  Since there was some interest in this when I shared pictures on tumblr, I'm uploading them all.

Here is what you get in the set:

For the ladies, the AL witches boots in two colours, the boots I've been using on the new meshes I've been making for my ladies in one colour, a heeled shoe I've ripped from an AL outfit in five colours and a shoe ripped from, I think, a Holiday Pack mesh in five recolours.

For the men, BG riding boots in two colours, the BV lumberjack boots in two colours, a BG shoe in three colours (and only three colours, because boy were these difficult to texture so that the texture didn't look completely crap.  I'm still not 100% happy to be honest and would love it if anyone decided to recolour these far better than I have managed it) and loafers converted from TS3 to TS2 by the wonderful Yuxi in one colour.

But that's not all.

For your younger ladies, we have all four of the different shoes above in teen sizes, and my ankle boots and the Holiday Pack shoes in child sizes.  There is also a toddler shoe I ripped from a FT outfit in three colours.

For your younger boys, again all of the above men's shoes are in teen sizes, and the riding boots, lumberjack boots (these are the boots I used on my V&G gift btw) and the BG shoes are in child sizes.

All of the teen and child sizes are slaved to the adult size to save on file space and to make recolouring easier.

But, there's still more.

If you're going to sell shoes, you need shoeboxes.  The closed shoebox and open shoebox are extracted from Bioshock Infinite, and then I've made quite a few stacks to compliment them.  There are two variations of the stack of two, four variations of the stack of three, five of the stack of four and four of the stack of five.  I've tried to make them look random so if you use lots of them to fill a stockroom, you can hopefully minimise the look of a repeated pattern.  All of the stacks and the open box are slaved to the closed box, and although I normally provide a Simlish recolour of anything with text, I'm afraid I haven't this time.  If you do make one, please let me know and I'll link to it.  In fact, let me know if you make any recolours of this set and I'll link, because I know I'm going to want more recolours for my own use.

And yet, I still have one more thing.

Since I have called this A Load of Old Cobblers, I felt I should offer something for your cobblers or shoemakers, so I've made some very basic lasts.  They come in sizes toddler through to adult, both left and right options.  They are all slaved to the adult right last and come in six of Sunni's rustic woods in Pooklet's colours.  Although I should say that the colour doesn't necessarily look 100% true to Pooklet's colours since I left the TXMT the same as the wooden sculpture I cloned these from to give them an aged and worn, shiny look.  I'll normally change this to give a truer look to the colours.

And that is it, apart from a few general things to say.  You can find each item under Deco > misc, for various prices, but there is a collection file included in the upload to make things easier.  As always, all files have been compressorized.  Enjoy.



Irrational Games.


From: [identity profile] ritaxis.livejournal.com

Well, I do not have a peruiod neighborhood, but these shoes are really quite useful to decorate mine too! Thank you.
dicreasy: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dicreasy

You're welcome! Yeah, the meshes I chose for this will work equally well in a modern hood I think, so I hope you get some use out of them. :D
faechangeling: (Default)

From: [personal profile] faechangeling

Another clever set! Thank you so much!

By the way, have you seen this? :)
dicreasy: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dicreasy

I'm glad you like them, and you're welcome. I actually found that set a couple of days after finishing this, and used the items when decorating the back room of the shoeshop. I love sets like that, which can be used to make a room feel real. :D But thanks for pointing it out anyway. :D
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