Happy December everyone! Once again, we're hosting a gift pile over at V&G, and this is my gift to everyone. I know it's mainly centred on the Victorian end of the century, but there is something I think that everyone can enjoy.
Part the first.

AF ladies mantle-style jackets.

Ok, so this is an idea I've had running round my head for quite a while now. I basically wanted a more accurate outerwear mesh for my ladies, and, well I love mantles and dolmans and so wanted to somehow have them in my game too. I started on this mesh back at the beginning of the year, but put it to one side for quite a while because the idea of how much rigging I would have to do to get the mesh animating smoothly was too much for me. However, one of the clothing blogs I follow on tumblr did a couple of days posting nothing but Victorian mantles, and that made me want to work on this mesh again. It's not 100% accurate to being a mantle or dolman, but the idea is there and I'm actually really, really pleased with how it turned out. The jacket is over Chirko's bustle mesh and the textures are by All About Style and Maxis. It has both fat and preg morphs.


But because it's not easy to really see how the combination of jacket and dress I choose work on the swatch, have some additional pictures too:

Known issues:

There are a couple of tiny things that I'm aware of with this mesh, and I can't fix.

There is still a little bit of bleed through in places where the two meshes I mashed together meet. I've spent more hours than I care to think about on the rigging for this, trying to get rid of this bleed through, and this is the best I can get it. Maybe if I feel in a masochistic mood in the future, I'll take another look, but really it's so slight and so rare to see, I don't think it's a huge deal.

The second thing, is due to how I've made the mesh, you have to have your ladies wearing gloves, because if you try to alpha edit them out, their hands disappear. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me could fix this, but since your ladies should always be wearing gloves outside in winter, this really doesn't bother me at all.

Part the second.

So, this is the reason why the lovely, lovely Cait stepped in and started the gift ball rolling. I was a leeelte bit too ambitious with this part of my gift. Separates (yes, I've just seen I've spelt separates wrong in the title card. I always have problems spelling it, because I pronounce is sep-er-rate) for your boys, comprising of 111 mix and match tops and bottoms. Let's start with the tops.

So, for last year's GoS Secret Santa, Nemesis made some separates including the Maxis open suit jacket. Unfortunately when I got the items in my game, I realised that there were a couple of issues with this mesh, soooo for this gift, I've gone in and fixed the small UV-map issue, and the rigging issues to get rid of the big gapping and bleeding that was happening at the waist and back of the jacket. If you have Nemesis's original mesh, please let the one included in the archive overwrite it. It comes in the same colours as the Maxis suit it was separated from.


Next up is a closed jacket, again separated from a Maxis mesh, but this time separated by moi. It comes in a selection of textures by All About Style.


The last top is a jumper again separated from a Maxis mesh. Again, I've used a selection of textures by All About Style, as well as some textures Changeling used in her first lot of defaults for men.


But tops are a bit useless unless you have bottoms to go with them. And I have a load for you.

Long trousers for your older boys. These use a mesh by Cat of Evil Genius, however, again, there were a few rigging issues which I have gone in and fixed, so please let the mesh included in this archive overwrite any other version you may have. (If anyone is interested, the rigging issues were basically the pelvis was rigged slightly differently to the Maxis bottoms, which meant that, although there was nothing wrong with the animation when the sim was moving, there was bleed through with the tops above, because I rigged those to match the Maxis bottoms rigging. Bleed through is nasty, so I fixed it.)

One of the other meshes Nemesis made as part of their Secret Santa gift, was a short trousers with shoes mesh, and I had to use it for this.

Next up, I took those short trousers and added some boots, because I like boots.

And for your boys who don't wear short trousers, but instead wear knickerbockers, here is a mesh that uses All About Style's knickerbockers and some Maxis shoes.

Aaaaaand finally, this mesh is again All About Style's knickerbockers, but has the same boots I used for the short trouser mesh above.

Every one of the above meshes comes in a selection of textures by Maxis and All About Style, 17 in all.

All meshes have fat morphs, but I did notice an issue with the fat morphs. I think it's because of the fact the top meshes fall below the waist seam, but the bottom morph, no matter what bottom I tried (including Maxis ones), doesn't "pop" when testing in bodyshop. You only get the top morph "popping." The bottom morphs all "pop" when tried with shorter tops, so they do work, just not with the longer tops. I'm not sure exactly why this is, or how to fix it I'm afraid. :/

Part the third

I realise that this gift really is mainly for people who play the Victorian and Edwardian ends of the era we cover, and for that I feel bad and I apologise. I really did want to make some separates for all of you Regency peeps, but I've just run out of time. Maybe next year. So, this is what I'm offering you instead.

Ohbehave007 shared some awesome Miasmata conversions as part of a GoS monthly theme but unfortunately, the trees and bushes were not seasonal, and I've been going along and making all of my plants seasonal because I just love seasonal plants. So, what I've done here, is made a couple of the trees seasonal, made the silver birch seasonal and corrected the leaves to be birch leaves and not willow leaves, and then made two new meshes using the existing meshes as bases.

The tree on the left and in the middle are OhBehave's original meshes. The left tree has six recolours, showing different leaves, the middle one has only the original colour. The tree on the right is the fallen tree, righted and messed about with a bit to create a new mesh.

The trees on the left and right are the same tree, and is a cherry tree I made by messing about with one of the Miasmata trees above. It has four different blossom colours. The tree in the middle is the improved silver birch. And that's basically all there is to say, apart from the trees look way better in game, compared to these little previews.

All files are compressorised.

Well done for making it through all of that. You can download the gift here:


Cat of Evil Genius.
All About Style.

silverbelle1220: (Default)

From: [personal profile] silverbelle1220

:D :D :D :D :D

All kinds of awesomeness. I'm eager to use the long pants, as they'll fit nicely into my game (decent boys' historical pants are hard to come by). And more trees. Thanks so much!
dicreasy: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dicreasy

You're welcome. :D

*nodnod* I think boys clothes in general are hard to come by since creators tend ton concentrate on the prettier girls clothes, and it's one reason why I decided to go a bit nuts with this. XD

The trees look so much better in game, compared to the screen shots, and I hope you like them. :D
vuokkosims: (Default)

From: [personal profile] vuokkosims

I can't have enough words to thank you for sharing all your creativity! I'm happy because boys will not have to look longer in shops for clothes :P thank you!
dicreasy: (Default)

From: [personal profile] dicreasy

You're welcome, and thank you. I really hope you get a lot of use out of these.

From: (Anonymous)

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing your seasonal Miasmata trees!
Likewise, I'd rather populate the game with season-enabled plants and it was a shame that I could not use these at first. They look so good!
It's nice to see the new tree, birch edit and recolours as well, they're awesome!