Ok, so this is an update of something which those of you who follow my story or LJ will have seen before.  A couple of years ago, I had a go at creating a fire surround for my Victorian kitchens.  It was the first object I created from scratch, and while I was very proud with how it turned out, it didn't quite meet my standards for sharing my content.  The mantle was fine, but the walls didn't quite do what I wanted, plus it only had one recolourable subset.  Well, whilst I was working on the default foods, I started to think about re-doing this object, so that's what I've done.  I completely remade the wall portion of this, mapping it much better than the first version, and I also made it have 2 recolourable subset, the walls and the surround itself.

Included in the archive is the mesh, and several recolours of the walls to match some of the Maxis walls I use the most when decorating my kitchens. I've tried to make it as easy as possible to recolour to match any other walls you may use.  Simply extract the wall texture using homecrafter, and paste onto the lefthand side of the wall texture file.  As long as the dimensions are 512x256, the standard Maxis size, there's no need to do any scaling.

There are also two recolours of the surround itself.

I'm also uploading the texture replacement I did of a Blacky's stove I found years ago.  If I went and found the file on Blacky's website again, I could probably make it recolourable and upload just a black lead recolour, but I'm feeling lazy at the moment, and besides, no respectable Victorian woman would ever forgo black leading her range.


As always files are compresorrised, and let me know if you spot any problems.


Victorian fire surround.


Blacky's for the stove mesh.

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From: [personal profile] vuokkosims

I simply felt in love with this surround! Thank you so much for sharing ^-^
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From: [personal profile] dicreasy

Thank you, and you're welcome. It really makes a difference to kitchens.
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From: [personal profile] ms_norrington

I literally squealed when I saw this! Thank you soooo much!

From: [personal profile] vllygrl

Thanks for this -- I love it,Di -- and it looks beautiful in game! Any chance I could beg, borrow or wheedle the beautiful black leaded stove recolor out of you? I use that Blacky's stove a lot, but it looks so much better and so much more period appropriate in black! Love your site, by the way! :)
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From: [personal profile] dicreasy

:D You're welcome. I've uploaded the recolour above, and linked to it where it says "stove." Since I had to texture replace, you'll need to remove the original from Blacky first. :D

From: [personal profile] vllygrl

Thank you SO MUCH!!!!
Er . . . feeling kinda dumb, but . . . I don't understand how to remove the original (texture?) from Blacky first. I don't know how to do recolors or anything useful like that (you may remember my challenges from MTS and PBK, Di, but sadly, those are the extent of my skillz!)
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You're welcome. :D You just need to remove Blacky's file from your downloads, and put mine in, or let mine override it. I don't think I renamed it.

From: [personal profile] vllygrl

Oh goodness! That sounds ridiculously easy -- even I should be able to manage that! Thanks again for your patience. You have inspired me to build another Regency/Victorian hood, so these details make such a difference! ;)

From: [personal profile] vllygrl

It worked! And looks fantastic in game! Thank you, thank you, thank you!:)

From: (Anonymous)

Thanks and question about how to install

I should start by saying I love the idea of this fire surround and that I love your creations - I play a Victorian and a 1920's neighbourhood and your creations feature prominently in both of them.

I know it's quite a long shot, as I don't know how active you are at the moment, but the fact is I have tried to put these on my game and cannot find them. What category is the fire surround found under? And the stove should show up in appliances-stoves, right? Unfortunately I cannot find the items and I would really like to be able to use them!

Thanks and I hope you are still creating and preparing new things!

From: (Anonymous)

Re: Thanks and question about how to install

Thanks for the reply and for the tips! I managed to find the fire surround once you told me the price (ehm, too many downloads, I suppose), and I re-downloaded the stove and it is now showing up! Off I am to make myself a brand new kitchen!

You really made me curious about your new set, I hope you do manage to get the preview pictures taken and get to upload it sometime soon... I do understand about the computer issues, though, myself having just gone back to playing the Sims during the holiday season and finding my desktop is way too slow...

Nevertheless I'm currently excited about using (and abusing) several of your sets to make new shops (a millinery and a shoe shop) and decorate some new houses - namely using your lovely tea set and now the stove and fire surround - all to a delightful effect!

Keep up the inspiration and the great work, I truly look forward to seeing more from you!